“Imagine a microscopic single-celled organism… Now, imagine that it’s 300 feet tall, and migrates to warmer climates during each fall.”*

This was lying around in my screenshots folder for quite a while. I tried adding more stuff and editing it differently, but, this just felt right. Couple of extra scenebuilds I’ve had lying around for a long time now:



I really love the second one. Especially the armored vehicle. You are the best at adding stuff to vehicles, teach me, master.

amazing as always

Amazing as always.

even though the first pic is great the second one steals the show

somebodys been watching the mist

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its been so long since l4d content was supported in gmod and the phong shaders still make the zombies look like plastic

Watch, read and look at bunch of post apocalyptic stuff and you’ll be inspired to do your own eventually.

It was one of my inspirations. Also Monsters. And their precursors have always inspired me.

Love them all, great work.