Mike Dude's HK-Drone Version 2 RELEASE

HK-Drone Version 2 RELEASED!
Dupe Link Below!

I made a new thread for the V2. This is pretty much a mirror if my thread in Wiremod.

This is the HK-Drone V2 Release. I did not intend to release this one yet, so I have not added some of the commands to it that I want. Also, the Expression 2 is EXTREAMLY messy and has not been optimized or cleaned up at all. Please do not flame about how horribly coded it is.

This version is controlled completely by chat commands. Listed below is a few of the commands:

/follow <Player Name>
/target <Player Name>

You can find out the rest of the commands by checking it out.

Gunnanmon for his lead collision code
Jadestorm215{JBC} for the anti flip idea
Peewee 1112 for testing, moral support
HaloGuy for help with the sounds
Sieze for being target practice
Jayg20769 for help with the turrets and competition
Dmitriy for help debugging missiles
Riosnyper for whatever it was he did
Grunt (Frozen), Dav1d, and Disco Biscuit for help
Viktor for teaching me the ‘for loop’ for the missiles
Disco’s Public Build server and the guys there
WireMod forums and the people that helped here
credit to the others that helped but I forgot their names*

If the turrets spaz for you, then use your E2 stool and update the expression. You don’t need the E2 code prior, just right click on the expression on the bottom and click upload and it should fix it.

Like I mentioned, I did not originally intend for this to be released in its current state, but I did it by popular demand. In the future I would like to remake it using quaternions and applyTorque. The turrets get stuck sometimes and get less accurate when the drone is moving a lot. The drone cannot make large changes in elevation while moving forward because it will fall over. It will pick itself back up when flipped over, but it is not the most stabile. The missiles are an older, less effective code. I remade the missiles using quaternions and applyTorque, but I did not include that in this version (I like to keep the very best for myself :P). The missiles do not have an ops safety, if you spam too many missiles, the expression will go over the quota and die, this version has a limit of about 20 missiles at a time.

And please keep in mind that I wrote all of this code (missiles too) back in November.

Download link here:

Sex on the beach.
Flatgrass, actually.

Cool, saw this on the wiremod forums (where I am known as “Tommyx50”)

i like how the way it uses thrusters to fly around. it must’ve been a pain in the ass to get it to stay super stable with thrusters.

Upload it on garrysmod.org…?

It was a huge pain. I could have easily just used applyforce instead.

I dont really feel like uploading to gmod.org. I don’t have an account and the download link at the bottom is just as easy.

I think you have to be a member on wiremod.com to download attatchments from there.

hmmm, I will log out and try DLing it…


Nope, you dont need to be a member, when you click the link, it will download the txt file.

I love how you used applyForce on those missiles. Was the thruster height controlled by the E2 or did you use gates and do it manually? Notwithstanding, there are plenty of things I could learn from this code. Also, you’ve inspired me a deal. I need to go out and make and code those projects I was planning so can show them here.


Boy, I don’t think I could fragment that even more if I tried…

The drone is controlled using E2, but I only use applyAngForce for turning the thrusters. I do not use any other applyForce on it.

The Missiles on the other hand are all applyForce stuff.

What addon do we need for the missiles?

Wiremod and PHX3 :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to say, it looks like shit. But then again it’s nice…

I’ll say a sharp knife cuts butter better than a rounded spoon.

I believe credit may be due for my lead-collision missile guidance…

You are correct, thanks for reminding me! Adding that now.

I appreciate it man!

Excellent contraption by the way.

Deserves a bump.
But question… What folder do I put it in?

steamapps\username\garrysmod\garrysmod\data\adv_duplicator or something similar to that.


I swear I did not type that space in between duplicator