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Valley(Early Development)
Current Project Description
Valley, a map based in a valley with several unique landmarks and featuring great height differences in the map. These landmarks include a Church, a large railroad bridge, two major mountains, a small town, a church, and a lighthouse. These points will be almost all centralized in the valley with few residing on the outside. It will also show a sea to the north of the central valley. Each location will have several connectors allowign for ease of movement.


It has been a while since I posted on the forums due to various issues including a broken pc. Many of you know I was working on several projects before this happend such as clue and a hoover damn map. As well I am happy to return to mapping I sadly have no interest in immediatly getting back to these projects. Due to that fact I have decided to kickstart a new project which I hope to be very unique among other maps showing what source 2 can offer. Currently I am working on the church and have the outside basic geometry built


Finished Interior geometry, started work on exterior design, materials.