MikuMikuDance models incorporated into GMod?

I noticed that the Haku Yowane playermodel, as linked above, happens to be from MikuMikuDance, a 3D Choreography program for Vocaloid models.

Can someone tell me how this guy did it? I’m trying to convert some MMD models into GMod as well.

yeah that’s me and mmd model porting is my specialty

Halloo! It’s you! You’re the one who ported those models. :smiley: I admire you for doing that.
How did you do that? I have a few models for MMD I’d like to port to GMod, but they are personal edits and I really don’t want to distribute them. :3
I’d really appreciate if you told me how you did that.


using blender, there’s a addon called pymeshio which makes it able to import most .pmd files. if they don’t import, rename them from the usual japanese gibberish (although for some reason some models just wont import, like ever) if you want me to teach you it might be a little easier if i guide you via steamchat. but basically in a nutshell you have to remove doubles, merge certain materials (hard cause some areas have coloured verticies instead of textures, but that can be solved with a 64x64 pure colour texture) rename facials, then insert a skeleton (usually the default valvebiped one works) and weight map it.

You only need an 8x8 texture, really. 64x64 isn’t really necessary for something that’s just a solid colour.

http://www.vocaforum.com/showthread.php?t=1644 for 3ds max

Sweet to see some thing like this. There are a few MMD models I have and want to try rigging for Gmod.

well i’m a little terrible at writing a long ass tutorial, than i am guiding someone via steamchat and teamveiwer, so i guess anyone who wants tutorials i guess will have to find me on steam, same name same true capitalist avatar

I noticed that the Haku model is see-thru on it’s sleeve insides. Way to fix that? Or is that just part of the model, and GMod doesn’t render it like MMD does?

Also, I get a The specified profile could not be found. error when I go to your steam profile.

It’s actually the cel-shader that also makes Haku’s sleeves black. It happens with most MMD models with sleeves that act like that.

It also happens with Half Lambert shading, as shown in the screenshot below.


yeah she was one of my first models, i forgot to put $nocull. i’m thinking of redoing her cause that one was a .obj from free 3dmodels. but a .pmd, i can port the face posing. as for the steam error i can’t understand why. you see the same avatar?

^^’’ I’m kinda… Ignorant of the ways of doing this conversion. I’ve got no experience in doing this. I’ve done it in reverse though. I was able to get the Portal camera model into MMD, but I probably don’t have the attention span at the moment to do it the other way around ^^’’

Do you take model ‘requests?’ If so, I could send you the PMD to convert to a model, but I’d rather you not post it on garrysmod.org, considering it’s a personal model; I don’t want it posted online.

sure thing!

anyone mind if I throw in a request?
ed edd eddyhttp://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=mmd+ed+edd+eddy#/d4jhq4h

well i’m busy with mmd touhou ports, but sure thing, i’ll just have to finish that first

oh thanks, thought I’d ask first, I put what I found in my last post and also found one of the Kanker sisters, have to ask the person for a download tho

Alright. I’ll send it to you via email. :3 If you cannot accept it via email, I’ll send you a link to the model via PM.

I’m not sure.
But …
MMD and the Unreal Engine 3 is a model of writing I have ever seen.
I think it would be possible.

Hello ^^

Would it be possible to get this MMD model http://brsa.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Newcomer-Conan-kun-202508118?q=boost%3Apopular%20Conan%20model&qo=2 into Gmod? (The download link is on the page itself, in the right top corner) I don’t mind waiting as long as necessary XD. I understand you have projects that need to be finished first.

alright but since the request que for the misc pack 2 is full you’ll have to wait til after the lucky star mmd model port pack. he’ll be in the 3rd misc pack