Mile High Rust returns! FRESHLY WIPED!

Mile High Rust - Starter kits, Noob Friendly, PVP, Instacraft, Modified Loot, Gifts, Events, and MORE!!!

Running Magma with selective lightweight plugins and a slower progression. Rare Kevlar / military weapons (Drops only)
C4 is removed, and metal building parts established in highest (rarest) loot tier due to this aspect. Grenades remain.

We have an active community with numerous factions established by the players themselves and their own alliances that have been made in game. Our admins and moderators oversee the server as much as humanly possible and swiftly deal with hackers and exploiters while our host provides a superior level of DDOS protection, granting you a safe and enjoyable server. Our admins do not enjoy the luxury of playing on the server, and our moderators hold limited powers, and so the all too common fear of admin abuse can be simply left behind once you join us. Hop on in and establish your own place on the server with your friends, join some of the current existing groups, or simply play alone! We have support for all styles of play and skill levels, and our events equally cater to all types of players as well.

Check out our comments below and you can see that it is a great place to play, and now that it has returned and is freshly wiped we’re looking to reestablish our community in full!

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