Mileena's Rest

No she’s not dead.

was this posed on construct by any chance?

Model link please, i don’t have the bandaged one.

Anyhow simple, yet good.

i think you can do better.


This was posed on Flatgrass but ‘Lady In The Woods’ was construct.

Mileena and some other MK9 ragdolls are in there

Cool pack of 85% purple and black people/monsters.

It’s got a good little bit of models with textures.

The nude, I MEAN IMPORTANT ones are purple and black. . .

The “importants” have a different link that should make them work.

Why is there a BBC radio box on her bed?

Made her fall asleep from boredom.

Hm,The camera isn’t in a good place, you should take it to a place that we can focus on Mileena

PS : Why Mileena, she isn’t Pretty,she only has boobs.

I’m addicted to her :v: