Miley Cyrus?

i know that thier is aa HANNAH MONTANA model that i tried once that doesnt work
but i was wondering if anyone has done a miley cyrus model , the only reason im doing this is because - im obsessed with her :smiley: but i also have a idea for a music video for a song im writing so i need the model, npc and a ragdoll, with face posing and jiggle bones ect,



thanks to whoever tries to put this sexy beast into gmod NOTE : I DONT WANT A FUCKING NUDE MODEL AS IM NOT A PERVE I WOULD LIKE THE MODEL TO HAVE CLOTHES

nude alternative will be made, you can’t stop it

no , well fine i’ll just ignore it XD

That’s what exists so far.

thats the one i had but its fucked up on my laptop an wont load the model

Don’t Think laptop is good way to play gmod.


Why did you need a Cyrus model again?..


because i have requested a model of me , but i make music and im writeing a sorta duet thing with her an i need it for the video that i will make for it , also just for random posing as well :smiley:

yeh i put gmod onto another laptop re tried the model an it wont load , and on my friends computer it wont load

<BUMP> - only because I really want this model

also this request is sorta linked to my other :

oh common people surely someone can do this (this isnt going mental im just bored and have nothing better to do)

Then it’s your problem or your friend’s, It does load for other players. Maybe you installed it incorrectly?

i dont think so , but as i said before i need a MILEY CYRUS model not HANNAH MONTANA model for a video and other random things

Now that’s probably what will push away model makers to do it. SInce you don’t really need it as you said you are just bored.

:L i didnt mean i was bored by making the request… just bored on the whole an its true were i live their is nothing better to do than flick through forums

just a thought but could it be made through a alex replacemt thing?

No one’s going to model a fully organic human model from scratch just so some dude could download and do nothing with it.

unless they are paid XD

:L me being able to pay for something is AMAZINGLY rare …
i could only just buy garrys mod an half life 2 after it became on sale because of the mac release. if i could pay for it , I would

Hang on, im pretty sure you could just obtain a model from a Wii game that has her in it, and recolour the textures to make it look like Miley Cyrus

:L ur still for wii ports :smiley: