Militant Operatives doing militant operative shit

with gas masks and dead people

the woman’s model has some smoothing problems, i know about those. C&C on the editing/angle/etc is appreciated since i have no idea if i’m doing it right or what could be improved.

Posings bomb.

fuck yeah

Attempting constructive criticism.

1.) wtf is up with the woman’s rifle? the barrel…it’s really long.
2.) Mr swatty shouldn’t shoot from the hip. This is a movie move. You’ll never hit anything like that, even with a spas.
3.) everyone should be wearing helmets
4.) the guy in the street is asleep, not dead. Like lenin.

1.) Guns can have long barrels.
2.) He’s not fucking shooting, his finger is off the trigger. He’s lowered his weapon.
3.) It’s called variation, whether or not it makes realistic sense does not matter 100% of the time in Garry’s Mod screenshots because it’s more about aesthetics.
4.) You’re a fucking idiot.

Terrible attempt.

Iblike it but i would have blurred the stairs and wall behind them some, because right now it looks very low quality compared to the quality of the models. Otherwise the only thing i can think about is adding all those film grain/blur/noise filters that everyone seems to add to their pics to make them seem less gmod made.

Good job on the posing though.

it’s long because it’s for assault not close quarters where it would be shorter

Great posing.

epic fail bro

My 8 years old sis could provide better C&C than this.
Awesome posing Floater!