Military Class A's

Service dress uniforms for every major branch of the US military. I decided to release them “as is” instead of having them get stuck in revision hell. All have normalmaps, phong, and manageable texture sizes. (I.E small file size)

In the pack:
Army; Colonel (O-6) - Special forces, I made the unit patch (hint, think HECU)
Marines; Major (O-5) - Generic marine with weapons expert medals and jump wings
Air Force; General (O-10) - AF Chief of Staff, formally pilot
Navy; Admiral (O-10) - Navy Chief of Staff, I didn’t put on a rating badge, whoops.

Bloocobalt’s science models as a base
Custom textures and some facemaps by me (Lt_Commander)
Some custom facemaps by -Rusty-

*Notes: *
Uses the bodygroup and skingroup tools to toggle glasses and face textures. The uniforms are hexed, but the facemaps will be overwritten in the original scientists if you have those too. I’d suggest using the inflator tool on the stomach, since the labcoat is a little big for a service coat, and military personnel generally have a better figure.



O damn! looks nice ill be downloading it.

Finally… downloads

Phone? Phong you mean.

Yeah, thanks. Fixed.

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Thanks! I was in need of some generals.


Why on earth would a marine have jump wings?

Why wouldn’t he? Marines have Jump training too.

There is no airborne in the marines.
HECU were marines, not army.

The HECU had to be a joint task force employing at least the USAF and marines, because the marines don’t have F-16’s. Along that line, no marine has ever worn a beret, so it’s safe to say that they were a JTF composed of army units as well. In JTF situations, it’s not uncommon for a commander to be of a different branch then the majority of the units.

And it’s not like marines don’t have jump wings.

These are kick-ass, 10/10.

looks nice


wow pure awesomeness

Oh, crap. Why didn’t we think of this?

Does anyone else thinks that the guy’s head on the 3rd picture is just big as hell?

Well now that you mention it…kinda…

You should be ashamed…