Military Equipment [Plate Carriers, Webbing, Helmets, Backpacks]

I understand that porting can be difficult especially if it is custom work, however I felt I should ask here. Does anyone by chance have any custom models for military equipment such as; plate carriers, helmets, or backpacks?

I made this long ago, they are low poly. All of the stuff rails,pockets,mounts,etc. are removable and each one has several skins (coyote, black, green). I also made gloves,boots and other stuff but didnt knew how to port at the time so never finished some of them.

Shit images came out large…

Although this helms looks sorta low-poly, they’re still kinda good. Especially because we in Source don’t have good Ops Cores. :v:

Those look awesome

Use [t] so the images will not be so big.

thanks :excited:

I could make them look a bit more decent and maybe get them into gmod, as a matter of fact the only model I’ve ported is the opscore…!EYUEGTJI!C3LJ6geVh78Hs2FFMDdaOB-waD65UwTnOWkUrQREKws(comes with skins)

Check it and if you like it, I may look for some time to port the other helmets.

These are not too bad at all, I’d like to see the other helmets ported sir, if you have the time and inclination