Military Explosives WIP thread

Ever noticed how there are pretty much no decent explosive props to use for things like woodwars? They are all to large, and/or too difficult to make explode. Frustrated with this, I decided to use my new found modeling abilities to remedy the situation, along with the help of slplambub. Essentially, what this pack contains is a wide variety of explosive military projectiles. Things like tank rounds of varying sizes, missiles, rockets, sabot rounds, cruise missiles, RPG’s mortars… etc. Anyway, now to quit yakin’ and provide some content

and many more to come… and mabye even a few secrets that you will have to wait until the release for

I’ll ask splam to post what he’s done so far as well.

Updates are made throughout the thread.  There's typically about 4-5 updates per page at the moment, so you're not wasting your time by clicking those numbers!  Go on, read the thread :biggrin:

Sup Modelling, we’ve been working on this for a while and we’re pretty happy with what we’re doing so far. Here’s some of my work - I’ve been spending more time making LODs than the base models. Don’t worry, we’re going to have enough bombs in the pack to wipe out a small city, and they’ll all be properly LODded so they don’t wipe out your FPS :v:

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All of the renders above display pure geometry. Haven’t got around to AO or normal bakes yet!

These look pretty damn good, good job.

I think I speak for everyone when I say :woop:

We’re enjoying the work and I definitely believe that a good, large set of build-oriented projectiles is overdue.
I’m thinking of adding in optional high-res versions of my models for the comic/poses crew, let’s make it a ratings poll. tool for y, box for n. Anything else speeds up EP3.

Wow, we needed some nice missiles, nades and mines.

hmmm heres a picture i found googling,r:8,s:0&tx=35&ty=56

Thanks, we’ll look at adding in one or two of those :smile:

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or more

that 2000lb bomb looks ridiculous cool

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Hah, that’s a pretty useful page.

If anyone else has requests we’ll sure take a look at them, no guarantees though :v:

heres also something i found while googling… /\

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also heres a similar photo from my first post,0&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=488&vpy=47&dur=1820&hovh=129&hovw=92&tx=111&ty=122&oei=jRA3TaGxCMm0tAbFwPB3&esq=37&page=1&ndsp=20&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0&biw=1024&bih=673

These look nice. I don’t think Gmod has a “Very High” option for models and textures though…


Looks like you’re doing great, I hope you finish!

Thanks guys. We’ve added a bunch of suggestions to our checklist and we’ll be burning through them all pretty soon. This isn’t to say that we’re closed to more suggestions though :wink:
Anything that’s pretty cool and won’t be too overpowered has a great chance of making it into the pack. I’m aiming for a maximum explosive radius of a PHX MK-82, although I haven’t told Balto this yet :v:

@imperator12: In my models, “Very High” versions are for normals and AO, “High Detail” will be for the HQ comics/poses pack, and LOD#x will be the construct versions. I want to make sure that my models don’t eat up a disproportionate amount of builder’s framerate.

I was thinkin we use small area high damage for HE and large area low damage for AP

How about you get on steam so we can chat about it :v:


Will model cluster bomblet soon

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automerge times out :frowning:

Holy SHIT this thread.

You guys own.

Here’s a pic of 155mm shells if you guys need reference pics.

Took it few summers ago. The small brown part on the business end is the detonator which is screwed onto the shell on the field. The rear end is hollow up to the first seam.

Dear balls, that picture is ridiculously useful. Frickin’ saved + added to checklist.

Finally som freakin’ Landmines