Military girl in an infected city + bonus

meh wasn’t sure if this was good enough for it’s own thread, but I would like c&c.

generic I know, but I really like this model

and the bonus

Needs editing.

yeah I know, but I’m not sure what to do exactly

not to mention when I try to use photoshop the picture looks like it was edited by a chimp with downs…

Lower lighting in the back ground… you want her to be the main attraction. Just mess with effects and color blending and you’ll get a lot of fun/cool results.
Hope this helps nice pics and good model work.

try to keep it at one angle per pic, if you need multiple angle to show whats going on then rather placement is bad, angle is bad or the overall is bad

posing looks nice but needs DoF to have a good focal point, mainly her and the fighting


Love the first image.

My mistake, thanks for the heads up.

dont post that here, thats called thread stealing, you might get banned depending on who sees this
that goes in the official edit thread unless he asked you to edit it and he posts it in the op
otherwise dont do it

oh no it’s fine really, I actually posted this in the edit my screenshot thread anyway

it looks pretty good, I especially like your blood effects, I’m working on editing it myself now we’ll see how that goes.

alright this is my first attempt at shading, so forgive the random shadows, but I think I’m getting there

Posing is awesome.

Could you give the downloadlink to that model plz ?

That it does, so I spent about 20 minutes playing around.

The model used (I think)

Really like the model and mood agreed that editing would look great.

Rated arty.

Editing would look great in them.

Got bored started playing around in photoshop and this is what I got.

yep that’s it

You got a filter?

and you have a firm grasp of the obvious

Please make that model a Zoey replacement.