Military grade weapons...still?

The amount of times i’ve been killed by a fully automatic m16 or mp5 is unbearable. The guns are so easy to get and are so powerful they need to either be completely replaced or toned down in the mean time. Fully-auto weapons is overkill. They should be limited to a 3 round burst and increased recoil. Or at least made harder to craft. You should have to make all the parts at least. This is the main issue for me and i think others feel the same. SOMETHING needs to be done.

I must agree.
Military grade weapons should be more rare, when i started yesterday i got M4,P250 and shotgun in first hour of my gameplay.There should be more old weapons like winchester rifle, Lee Einfield, Sawed-off shotgun, colts etc etc and ofcourse bows and crossbows…

exactly! maybe you can only find them and you have to find military grade ammo?

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Keep agreeing people hopefully the devs will see

I agree.

I do agree to this!

i like the idea of adding weapons like winchester rifle, Lee Einfield, Sawed-off shotgun, colts etc etc.

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But… if u make winchesters and lees and shotguns and colts, then thats every gun from ArmA 2…

That’s because Arma 2 has a huge gun system, that takes off of real life weaponry. That’s like saying Arma copied call of duty because of the amount of weapons that call of duty has.

With your logic, let’s just make an automatic shotgun that shoots laser beams.

*inb4 nazi zombies did it first. *

The weapon list would be something like: A winchester lever-action rifle, a bolt-action hunting rifle, a double barrel sawed-off, a pump-action shotty, a revolver, and a colt 1911. And of course a bow and a crossbow…sounds good everyone?

Ive heard this argument over an over about the guns. It has been said that they will not be so easy to acquire in the future and the crafting recipe will be changed.

We’re planning to replace military / tactical-style weapons by scrappy-ish homebrew guns.

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(it’s what I’m going to be working on next week)

May the force be with you

Thanks for keeping us updated! Rust has some great developers behind it and i think we can all agree on that

yay sounds awesome

Awesome, i love when the developers give you information like this. Keep the good work up!

It would be good if military weapons were still in the game but would be only accessible by finding one in a supply drop.

And require military grade ammo to use

Guys this game is not supposed to be real, right now its a really difficult deathmatch, respect it for it is.

Sorry man you’re in the minority here. Its being changed either way but this wont take away from the “difficult death match” aspect of it, it will just fit the game more and make the playing field slightly more leveled.

Im not saying don’t change it… I’m saying there was no fucking need of this wastefull thread…

There was a need. As you can see a lot of the community felt this was an issue. And know we know that it will be fixed. It wasnt wasteful in anyway, what was wasteful was you even posting in this thread in the first place.