Military Jet Pilot

Made this a while ago. Pretty simple hack, jumpsuit from MW3 + vest and helmet from BF2. Not a lot to it but someone might find it useful.


No I won’t make a player model or npc don’t ask go away


Wow, Unexpected But thank you very much Simkas…

Shit, finally, waiting for a long time. Thanks!

I feel like this guy could take on the whole Empire by himself.

Useful model. Thanks!

Nice work Simkas, this will be more then useful!

awesome, this is something we’ve needed for a while, great work!

Nice job, if the vest and helmet are removable it could also be used as a tank crewman. We wear those too.

So you are a tanker? Hell yeah.

Pew pew pew

Damn. Beautiful

Holy shit, awesome.

Very useful. Nice work!

Simkas always releases usefull stuff.

Looks nice for a simple headhack.

Yet again the stuff that simkas gets out to us is just plain awesome.
Have a medal from me.

This is insane in the membrane.

Many thanks, this model will be useful.

Oh my spirits thats excellent!