Military Officials question someone on their capture.

So, this is my first time creating a thread for an image. Hopefully I don’t bomb to hard with it and that it’s actually worth a thread. C&C if you can, cheers!

I like it, angle is good. Lighting is also good and posing is spot on.

Did you apply any sharpening filters in post? I feel like most of the images I’ve seen lately are sharper and generally better quality than I can get in-game.

SDOF helps sometimes.

Yep. One instance of sharpening and Diffuse Glow on Glow 2.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “Glow 2”?

Bad weapon handling; His finger is also broken.

Sorry about that. When you go to apply a filter, in our case Diffuse Glow, you are asked what settings you want for the specified filter. In my case, I selected 2 on the glow scale. Hope that helps mate.

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Yeah, I’m not very good with the Battlefield hands, hope I can work from there.

Ah, I see. Thanks!