Military Radio Filter Over Voice Chat - Possible?

Hey guys,

I’ve been wondering if there’s any way, programming wise, to create a filter over voice chat. Specifically, THIS VIDEO (Skips to 0:34) would be something similar. Keep in mind, I’m not looking for the clicks at the beginning or end because that can easily be achieved with GM:PlayerStartVoice


You should be able to play two sounds, one as soon as a player starts speaking, one as soon as he ends speaking, but you can’t alter the voice chat itself in any way.

Aint it possible to like, loop an filter sound over the voice? With an low volume?

No, you will just end up with two sounds playing then both unaffected by each other

Or can we? What about CHAN_VOICE thing?

CHAN_VOICE is the audio channel for the voice, same as CHAN_WEAPON is an audio channel for the weapon sounds ( ideally ), etc.

Interesting… I’ve always thought that this was a feature that the Source Engine, specifically GMod, lacked. It’s probably because GMod isn’t all about MilSim, but it would be a cool thing to add.

Being able to set voice dsp would be great.

Sorry for being dumb, but whats DSP?



uhhuh, CHAN_VOICE_BASE - Network voice data (online voice communications). I think it’s somewhere in engine, just needs to get interface.

would be the update of the year if you included voice stuff