Military Related Screenshots

Just started using Gmod and absolutely love the many models there are to find, i love creating still life pictures of battle. I have just started so any criticism is welcomed

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The posing is a bit off on both.

i appreciate the feedback, i’m still trying to get the hang of perfect posing.

Nice to see a new guy who takes feedback

I see a good future for you

I want that Submarine
in my backyard.

I prefer the first picture a lot. The sailors on the second are a little bit stiff I guess.

Which characters are a little stiff to you? And what do you like about the first one? I have been getting a lot of feed back on the uboat one concerning the reflections in the water but anything else that you guys like about it?

I love your attitude. Anyways remember to tuck in those butts. Pretty good for a beginner.

I though this was going to be a whiny 9-year-old’s COD screenshot dump. I was wrong.

For a beginner, the posing is really well. And you take criticism well too. I would like to see more.

1st on is actually really well composed, good angles and decent posing. The second one is also good, don’t forget to tuck in those butts :D. And make sure you goto console and type jpeg_quality 100. (Console is ~) and also be sure to max out all your settings, ( goto video and then Advanced Options and make sure everything is at its max). What I also recomend doing is instead of just taking a picture with the camera standing where you are at, back up a few feet and zoom in using right mouse button. If you posted to imageshack or photobucket I would avoid those, they are kinda hard to deal with and a little bit unrealiable, I would personally use filesmelt ( and upload it there. And a final note, model your posing after real pictures ( don’t recreate them but use their body shape/movement ) untill you get really good. If you really want to get well known start editing the pics in photoshop. It is good to see someone who can accept being critisized. IF you want more tips goto the stickied thread on “Screenshots and Movies” (duh lol)

Wow thanks everyone! Really all these comments are very helpful, i have a couple others that i have done but they are over crowded or the lighting in the map isn’t quiet right but i will for sure fix up the posing and quality, as for tucking in the butts it’s very frustrating haha any tips on fixing that?

Yep just grab their butts and vigorously whip your mouse in the other direction, then slowly bring it back till it looks right…(Maybe a little over exagerated).