Military Remnants Providing Their Protection To A Post-Apocalyptic Settlement(Zombie Apocalypse That Is)

I like it, but in my opinion the empty sky doesn’t fit it and it’s too bright.

Well, it’s all in-game so I couldn’t do shit about the sky. But yeah I guess I could’ve toned the brightness down a tiny bit, I’ll definitely need to start learning how to use GIMP to it’s full potential so I can make better pics.

The bloom is absolutely brutal.
It bugs me a bit that some of the guards don’t have weapons obviously apparent. Such as the left-most on the bottom, or the rightmost on the battlements. Also, the one toward the center offset to the left on the battlements is missing an arm.

He’s scratching his neck, and yeah their weapons were off to the side. I’ll get a less brighter one up in a minute.

Except from the overkilling bloom, a few stiff posing positions here and there, and of course the empty sky, this is quite a nice scenebuild. I have this thing for post-apocalyptic settlements and all. I really like the canon there as well.

So just take some details into mind and I’m sure your next will be mind blowing.

Updated the pic.

And thanks Rick, I appreciate the advice.