Military RP

Hello everyone,

Me and a couple of friends are starting to make a new gamemode called MilitaryRP.
The goal of this gamemode is to be part of the USMC(United States Marine Corps) and to rank your self all the way to the top and become a high ranked respected military unit.
This gamemode will be based on Tacoscript.
The thing is we need crew members to join us and help us make this gamemode.
So we’re looking for polite active and trustable LUA-scripters that can be trusted and are willing to help us realise this gamemode.
We are trying to take this as professional as possible if you think you can help us script this gamemode
Contact me through a PM
OR through steam
Steam name : s3nn3

(-Killjoys ideas are listed below.)Do keep in mind that these ideas are further worked out but we do not put in all the details here for safety reasons.



  1. Player connects to the server.

  2. Player has to read and accept the rules.

  • The first thing he sees is MOTD and MOTD has two buttons, ACCEPT or DECLINE. MOTD also has a timer, can’t click ACCEPT before __ seconds has passed (to make sure he read it)
  1. Player has to create a character with an RP name (if possible select stats.)
  • Characters without RP names just get deleted by staff
  1. Player spawns with the rank Recruit. No weapons, HL2 citizen model.

  2. Player completes training and gets ‘Private’ flag and selects the class ‘Private.’

  3. Player listens to orders, climbs military ranks.

  4. If the Player donates, he gets the flag ‘Insurgent’ and double salary.



*Special EVENT ONLY character

*Same as Citizen in regular RP gamemodes, the most useless character that nobody wants to be.
*HL2 citizen playermodel.
*Has to complete basic training (whatever his training officer wants it to be) to get a Military class .

*Has an M4 rifle and some ammo.

Private __ Specialist:
*Same as Private, but instead of M4 has a Special weapon: example Private Sniper Specialist has a Sniper rifle, etc.

*Same as Private, but higher rank.

*Same as Corporal, but higher rank and also can train Recruits (whatever he wants it to be, if a Recruit has finished training, he will tell a Staff Member to give the recruit a Private flag.)

*Same as Sergeant, but higher rank.
(need to think of something awesome for him)

*Highest rank, has a .357 Revolver and an awesome playermodel. Same as Mayor in regular RP gamemodes.
(need to think of something awesome for him)


*Get extra’s


ShopKeeper NPC:
*From whom you can buy vehicles, kevlar, flashlights, sidearm weapons and stuff.
*Can’t be killed.

Citizen NPC:
*Just walk or hang around as crowd, doing nothing special.

Hostile Citizen NPC:
*Very rare


Thanks for your attention.

Sounds really cool, hope that this gets done and if it does then I’ll be sure to play it often

Are you requesting this? Nobody is going to do that. Also, if this isn’t a request, I think you’ve stumbled upon the wrong section my friend.

Well we actually are requesting for LUA-scripters to help us out we already have a good concept and 1 person that can scripte quite a bit himself we just need more people.


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I Like The Concept But You State Above That Staff Need To Give People Private Flags, That Would Require 24/7 Admin Support. So You Might Want To State It A Little More Clearly If You Edit It.

Well you’re not getting it as it wouldn’t require 24/7 admin support high classed members can rank them and when an admin comes on wich would be at least once a day the flag will be given

For It To Run Smoothly You Would Need 24/7 Admin Support, Wouldnt It Just Be Better To Have Training Done Automatically Not By People?
Then You’d Get Your Flag Straight Away.

Well it would but still I’d rather trust on my own judgement than a script
and still that’s one rank training and other ranks are earned during random missions and combat so automated stuff is not what we need

Understandable, But Your Gonna Want Plenty Of Admins So People Dont Get Bored Of Waiting And Think F**** This And Go Play Dark RP.

it sounds interesting, but what progress have you made so far?


nevermind… realized this was in the request section… oh well