Military style "Movie Posters"

These are sort of “movie posters” I did using the Military Models Packs 1 and 2, the COD4 Helis pack, the Nuke Pack 4 and the GM_BigCity and CVN_78 maps. Credit goes to their creators, not me. I take no credit for anything.

Notes: The F-35s in the CVN-79 photo had purple cockpits. In fact, all of the aircraft had purple cockpits. I dont know why, must be a graphics glitch.

I got Gmod only 5 days ago, so I’ve been steadily learning the ropes of it. Its frustrating, posing ragdolls, but I find extreme enjoyment in posing military models and creating “battles”. Im new here, was shown this site by a member I know (Zarithas, IIRC) so ill keep posting photos of my Gmod exploits. Dont expect comics though, those are too complicated and time consuming for me, and i dont have exactly boatloads of time. I might try my hand as I nail down the fine points of Gmod, and I have a comic concept rolling around. So, hi.

The reason the graphics arent pretty is that I have yet to figure out the Post Processing feature, and I just like it natural i guess.

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They’re all bland and pretty bad posed to bo honest. Also turn up your graphics.
Good point : the second picture is actually pretty good.

Im not on Twitter, its not for me.


These are kind of my “first attempts”, so they wont exactly be professional grade. Its just something i did in my free time.

Good idea, but wasn’t executed well.

why are those helicopters flying so close to each other? and the 2nd picture made me lol

Could do a lot worse for a first pose.

Things to work on:

  • graphics [ go into options, video, click advanced, and put everything as high as they will go. I suggest you do this before loading a map, or at least when you take the picture.]
  • finger posing
  • models. [ Don’t use the counter strike guns. I recommend getting the tactical weapons pack on and some of the other popular weapons packs.]

I would rather cut my scrotum off and wear it as a hair net than be the creator of this.

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what the hell is your problem

Thanks for the feedback guys. I’ll try to rework some things, and hopefully get some better poses out with better graphics and models. I know they werent executed well, but these are just concepts.

Hey man, we all have to start some where.

Sure, these weren’t the greatest but come time and effort and you’ll no doubt make a great come back. Hell, anyone “good” at posing in Gmod used to be in the same boat as you at one point so don’t take too many negative comments personally to begin with (just a heads up for future reference because it’s expected).

I think you should strain your computer to the maximum and pump AA as high as you can go. The shots are not bad graphically, just needs the AA. Best to pose a scene first then boost the settings so you can get that picture over with without destroying your computer in the process, heh.

Fourth Pic = Epic.

Posing bad or overdone, some oddly angled props, the text doesn’t fit in. Second pic is extremely mingebag-y.

Didn’t like them at all.

Seven Hours: tha remake

Oshit Uber. O_o

Awesome, Nice one Uber.

Lol better than the original.

But the slogan should be better like “Everything can change in Seven Hours. They will.”

Note: English is not my mother language so if the slogan’s grammar isn’t correct sorry.

You actually made the slogan worse.