Military Tablet - Series 2

A second set of screens for the military tablet model released for Christmas '11. Contains ten completely new screens to play with. Works alongside previous release or as standalone.

Switchable by skingroups. Skingroup 9 is an RT camera, so it’ll display the RT feed if a camera is placed.

Series 1 screens/model can be found here:

Model: Nirrti
Textures & Screens: Lt_Commander
Lil’LT: Boltstriker

[del]Both available as one download on the workshop:[/del] Not on the workshop anymore because Nirrti doesn’t like it.

I do not see a screen dedicated to me, I am cry tear.

the RT camera one is gonna be really useful

Needs less R T screen and more F T screen.

Yes, we need F T screen

We do…

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No seriously, badass addon. Claps

Woah, a second version. Amazing! :smiley:

Cool! this will be useful.

Very nice! :smiley:

Nice work Lt_c and Nirrti!