Military Takedown Technique Flawlessly Executed.

For the melee contest.
He’s doing a cool sweep maneuver. This was also my 1st stitch.

No Blur

Firey-ish Version


Pretty badass.

As I said before, I like it a lot but you should’t cut out the head of the other guy… anyways, nice work!

It looks like there is some odd grain on the picture. Is it supposed to be rain?

No. It’s blur, but combined with the grain I can see how it may be interpreted as (poorly made)rain.
Here is no background blur.

That looks a lot better to me; there isn’t really much sense in blurring the background anyway (and you should always apply grain as the last thing on your picture).

Yee, Chesty is right, without the blur on the background looks better.

I have said it a couple of times, blur + grain = uglyness.

The posing is super mate, and the angle shows all the pose, nice work :slight_smile:

Nice, but it appears you used the model of the Ranger with the fucked up head textures.

i quite like it
those pictures are very nice and i love pose

How are they fucked up?

Whoah! Nice! That looks really good Wystan!