Military Vehicles Request

Here is a few military vehicles requests.(These could be helpful with those Cold War or Modern Warfare Fanatics)

M270 MLRS(turret ragdolled, Woodland and Desert Camoflagues)

M109(Both Desert and Woodland models, turret and gun ragdolled please)

Hovercraft(Door ragdolled)

AAV(Turret Ragdolled , desert and woodland camoflague)

Combat HMMWV Variants(Turrets ragdolled and Woodland and desert camoflague)




LAV(Turret ragdolled and both Woodland and Desert Camoflague)

M60 Patton(Turret and Gun Ragdolled)

M113(Woodland and Desert camoflagues, gun ragdolled)

BMP-3(Woodland and Desert Camoflagues, turret ragdolled)

T-90 and T-80(Turret and gun ragdolled, Woodland and desert Camoflagues)

BRDM(Turret ragdolled)

SCUD Launcher(Missile ragdolled,
,no missile version, and SCUD as seperate model)

Toplo-M(Missile Launcher ragdolled and missile as seperate model)

Russian Self-proppled Artillery(Turret and Gun ragdolled)

Russian Anti-Air Systems(turrets and gun ragdolled)

BM-30 MLRS(Launcher ragdolled)

T-55(Turret and Gun Ragdolled)

COD4 Ragdolleed BM-21, Bradley, and BMP-2

Your request is pretty damn big. But, there are most/some of the models in Arma2 or OFP:DR.

But ddok said he ran into the same problems while porting them, which means its gnna be hard.

And for the cod4 models, they are already ported.

I wanted the Call of Duty ones ragdolled.

That is what I have heard. But there is other games and mods to get them from. There is Desert Combat for BF1942, Desert Conflict, Project Reality, and several other mods for BF2 that have the equipment above. The problem with this, is that of some of those mods get pretty protective with their work(Ex. Forgotten Hope I and II, thats why the FH Tank and Plane packs keeping on getting removed from and FF)

that’s a big request. but those models are needed especially ragdollled ones

Battlefield were hard to port as well. ddok told me.

Pretty much ALL of those are in ArmA 2 and OFP, except the ICBM