MilitaryRP Map!

Hello! I am no longer using this map for my community for MilitaryRP so I am releasing it!


I will offer any support/request/suggestions and also do frequent updates! Have fun and enjoy the map!


  • City
  • Afghan base
  • US Base
  • Another city
  • FOB #1
  • FOB #2
  • Big Sky Box
  • Lots of patrol desert

link don’t work

Yes it does.

my bad its just slow loading :frowning:

The map is too blocky.|637:358&composite-to%3D*%2C*|637%3A358&background-color=black[/T]

• Change the helipads to a more realistic cylinder with some flashing lights around them.
• Replace hangars with a much more realistic arches, with more than 8 sides.
• Add a dirt or asphalt roadmap heading from and inside the base to other locations
• Needs more props around and in the base itself and also trees and enviromental scenery.
• Use blend textures for the terrain
• And the most important thing, 3D skybox


• Make the road as a displacement and make it more messy, not just a simple road. Needs more hills and also the TREES!
• The building needs to have a parking lot in the back and some decorations as well.


• As mentioned before, add more curved roads inside the cities.
• More hills and add some more concrete walls, make it more like a compound surrounded by walls than just pointless concrete blocks around the city.


• Lots of things still need to be improved, and It’s really on a low level of design.
• Wasted space full of nothingness.

My suggestion would be to watch TopHATTWaffle’s videos on how to map and generally improve your skills with hammer.
Not worthy of releasing to the public :S

Did you use this on your Minecraft server?

christ, this is pretty bad

Typical facepunch on any release thread.

Is constructive criticism not allowed? Sure there’s the dumb “this is bad” comments as well, but it sounds like you’re using them as a confirmation bias instead of actually taking everything into account. If it’s a bad release, no one should sugarcoat it.

Everyone is right though:

Here’s what people get by the screenshots:

It’s a 5 minute map
It’s full bright (no light detail)
No love or detail went inside this map
It’s bland as fuck
Possible leaks in it if it’s not meant to be full bright

It’s just so fucking simple no offense but, I don’t think this was used on any server, it was most likely made 5 minutes ago.

literally every single one of your releases is dogshit

You didn’t pay anyone to make this right?

do you ever wonder if responses like this are why people don’t improve

The exact opposite actually, cause you’d know people don’t like what you produce so you’d get better results next time.

How about you guys just appreciate what people fucking make instead of being the ego-driven mongs you are?

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Though the map was poorly done, people gave OP actual ways to improve, which is more than most get. Rather than getting offended at the criticism, maybe you should try to make use of it. For calling us all ego-driven mongs, someone sure seems to have poked yours in the wrong way.

The only thing I like about this map is the vast open space which is perfect for adding in physical models so that’s decent

Heaven forbid we don’t all immediately bow down to him for creating something. Nobody deserves feedback, ever!