Milkshape 3D FBX import error

Hey. I keep on getting this error whenever I try to import anything FBX. Ive tried it with fbx exports from Cinema 4D, Maya 2016 and 3DS MAX and still I keep getting this error:

The red parts are just the file paths but does anyone know whats causing this? Ive googled this and nothing comes up because im guessing this error has not happened to anyone yet. Ive also redownloaded a lower version and it does the same thing. This error just popped out of the blue

Choose older format of FBX if it’s possible when export.

Im exporting usinng FBX version 6.1 (2010) which is the format that always works with Milkshape. It was working fine before but this error has just recently started happening

Import them to Noesis and export as fbs again, or export as smd or psk, then import back to MilkShape 3d. It should work fine.

Ah, I managed to find a work around. Export from Cinema 4D as SMD using iOgre and importing SMD into milkshape for adding textures. Longer way round but works, oh well, thanks for the help