milkshape 3d plugin

Hello everyone

I hope all of you are doing well on ripping assets from games.I have also ripped assets from games and i want to import them in milkshape 3d but the problem is that there is no plugin that i need to import assets from these type of games.SO i am requesting something.It will be great if someone could do a video on how to create a plugin to import assets in milkshape.
Please anyone do a video because from a video it will be easy for me to do things step by step to create a plugin for milkshape 3d.

Please reply if anyone wish to help me or not

just use a model converter…creating a plugin is complicated, look for noesis or 3d object model converter or any other 3d model program

Please provide me a link to the best 3d model converter

Noesis is one of the best. It supports a pretty large number of formats by default, and can be expanded with plugins. Since you’ve neglected to mention what game you’re trying to convert models from, or what format it uses, I have no way of being able to say for certain if Noesis will help you. But it’s a good bet.

I am trying to convert models from league of legends and heroes of newerth.There is no script for heroes of newerth to import model and animation files and the riotfiletranslator for maya 2017 is not working properly.