Milkshape 3D vs XSI

Okay so like I have both installed but XSI to me is complicated beyond understanding. Nothing makes sense to me on there. That immediately suggests that it’s more powerful than Milkshape 3D but at the same time you can load any .smd in MS3D so it’s obviously not screwing them up right?

Basically I want to know what XSI can do that MS3D can’t do and vice-versa if there’s anything MS3D can do that XSI can’t. I’ve made it a long way with just MS3D, only using XSI to import some models off of Google 3D warehouse because it will load the collada files. With MS3D I’ve done player models, props, weapons, and vehicles so I guess I just want to know what’s up between the two.

You can get it to load the DAEs from sketchup? O.o It just crashes when I try.

And as far as i’m aware Milkshape can do the same stuff XSI can do, as i’ve got both and been using Milkshape aswell (and I also can’t comprehend the nightmarish haze that is XSI’s interface).

The only thing I thought XSI might be able to do is VTAs that Milkshape can’t but I couldn’t find anything for it that would and found an alternative anyway.