milkshape bogus bone help.

So i get this error when i compile these files.

 -1 43.821011 123.926613 23.589869 0.0 0.0 0.0 1 0

so i open up milk shape, import the model but im not sure what to do to reassign it so it doesnt give me this error, i looked at the pannel on the right, all the way to the joints tab, i see buttons that can help but its no use, i dont know what to do.

i would simply search up milkshape tutorials but i only want to know this.

what do i gotta do to change that?

Assign a single vertex of the model of the SMD that is causing the error to the root bone, that should fix your problem ^^

that doenst make much sense, but then it does, ill go see what i can do im milkshape


do you have an example, a picture, a vid anything to describe that, im looking up tutorials now and i dont really see anything that specific to my problem.

Thanks for all this help, this charger will be sick when i get it working all the way

What do you mean a tutorial for rigging? this is the best one I know of (the one I learned it from ^^).

Ok, im happy, i got the model to compile, i have the files. Skin switcher sees 3 skins, good BUT the cars invisible. Ive had this happen before and ive fixed it but i dont remember how i did!

I think its conflicting with my friends car, which is based off mine, file structure wise.

Know anything useful on this?

Post your .vmt. It needs to use a vertex shader.

VertexLitGeneric not LightmappedGeneric thats usually what causes that.

well, i fixed that issue with 1 of the 3 skins, the rest were fine. The only issue, i can get it to compile but that assigning vertices to root bone, i sorta have bits an peices of what i need/have to do. I attemped it, i just got the select, vertex tool. I selected a random part from joints, then dragged a box around some random vertexes of white squares. Then i clicked assign, but idk if this is how you do it, it didnt work in game, meaning it screwed up the car body.

Using milkshape 3d

Ive basicly given up on this car, i still want to get it done but im at a point where i have no idea what to do and cant find help :confused:

I assigned a vertex to the root bone, not quite sure how but i did it and the car model screwed up, the actual model was facing forward while the skin was facing left.

I need to find a tutorial on assigning bones to the root bone so i dont get the error i have been getting.

This shouldn’t be that hard, im just stupid ;-;

go to your bone tab, double-click a bone (from the list), then click “Select un-assigned”, then press “Assign”.

That should keep you from having any bogus bone errors.

Edit: If you’re not animating your car, then don’t use any bones.

im using milkshape, there is no bone tab, do you mean joints cause when i try it with a joint, i get this “joints are assign to selected verticies only. Please select some verticies and try again!”
should i goto Model, select, vertex and select some random white dots?

yeah sorry i ment the joint tab. and i did some bad reading on the last comment i did sorry…

anyhow, do you need this car animated? I’d just remove all the bones so it works.

if not i advise you to re-rig it.

I didnt exactly make the model, i just made the model drivable and fixed some view issues. I need to fix a seating bug where you sit sideways and facing right, in the passenger seat. Yeah, like the huge car packs and stuff.
Also the tires float above the ground, dont know about this.

And all i originally needed to do was edit the qc file to have 3+ skins, that worked but i got the whole bogus bone error, by animated do you mean, tires turn, wheels spin, its a car, like the airboat, not a prop.