Milkshape for Half Life 2 Modelling?

I have heard various little things here and there about using Milkshape for Half Life 2 modelling. Is it really possible or what?

It should work, because half-life 2 uses the same file type as half-life, but the object you make wont have any physics.


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I use milkshape for all my modelling, I just havent moved on lol… anyway its a great program and very easy to use, its not good for UVunwrapping however. I would recommend it though because it supports most of Half-Life 2’s features.

I wouldn’t recommend it as the workflow is totally shitty. To select stuff for example, you have to open a tab, click Select and then what you want to select, and then you can select it.

But, unlike Blender, the SMD exporter works, and I created my first animation with Milkshape that I could use in-game.

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