Milkshape is so messed up.

All the four views are fucked up, cannot zoom, imported/opened models look transparent, wireframe is bugged, reinstalling didn’t help, installing a different version didn’t help.

And it still worked yesterday.

Are you using the Aero theme thing on Vista?
I know that messes me up when I try to use a modeling program that the windows just go blank. Turning it off helped me. Install or do anything to your PC since it last worked?

No, I haven’t installed or added anything. Aero hasn’t been a problem earlier either.

You tried refreshing each window? Or re-installing?

Re-installed, didn’t help, installed an older version, didn’t help.

Might try refreshing the windows.


Wait wait wait, how do I do that?

Right click, then either reset view or choose a new projection angle (doubt it will fix it though :frowning: ).

Didn’t help.