Milkshape Matrix model Collection(finally)

Well after a looong search, i noticed that every 5th Max Payne mod is a Matrix mod(!!).
I have been able to convert some models to milkshape for later rigging and porting to Source engine.

Credits for the Models goes to the modeller(not me). You may find them on in the mod section and on the matrix mods(lots of).

In my paket there are theses models(only milkshape, not yet ready for Source):
Agent smith
Bodyguard(from the Chateau Scene of Matrix2)

Some of theses models need to be fixed or improved at some little points.
I know they dont have a high detail but you know which one is which one :wink:


I’ll start Rigging them on my own(in the next week(s) ), but this is the first time and if an advanced rigger wants to do it, just do it.

Theses are exactly the models i have been searching for for my CS:Source Matrix server :D(using matrix mod reloaded and in the future with fitting character models).

The MAtrix is everywhere, enter it and i hope you’ll enjoye this collection(maybe…some modeller could use them as a base for detailed Models? Who knows).

EDIT: WRONG THREAD ICON, sorry. Klicked the wrong one(as far as i know release is not allowed?!).
EDIT2: O havent read the rules carefully enough sorry, ICONS allowed, but tags not allowed.


Is there any pictures of the models?

the models, can u make it so they work for garrysmod, cause we could really use those models at UFMP studios.

I could make them work(maybe, currently i only know how to for CS:S), but i just started rigging a few days ago(testing here and there) so iam not a pro. I’ll see what i can do for you :wink:

EDIT: can someone suggest me a modelling tool, where it is impossible to assign a vertex to 2 different bones?(i think thats possible in Milkshape but it only confusing)

EDIT2: oh, and what is UFMP?