MilkShape sorts groups into textures

When I was rigging an SoF model, I put every limb into its appropiate group.

But when I re-opened it, it was ruined.

Any limb that shared a texture was automatically put into one group.

Is there any way to prevent this shit?

Yes, when you “import” a mesh, it sorts the groups after texture names. To prevent that, you should save your project as an *.MS3D file. Then when you “open” it again, the groups should be left as you have left them named.

Thanks, but now Ive got a new problem, the Scale tool is broken, instead of reducing the size of the object, it makes it flip.

EDIT: Now im getting shit like this “glGetError(): “invalid value” [1281], File: “…\src\GlViewport.cpp”, Line: 846”