Millitant RP Community

Hey do you love Roleplaying, yet building too?
Easily bored and distracted by elitist servers who encourage you to “develop” a generic, boring character?
Want some RP action but all the servers either don’t want to have battles, or require you to be playing for a fortnight before they even let you have a weapon?
Find yourself trying to encourage fun and exciting roleplay (not at the expense of others) yet to be turned down by people who just want to 'sall gen for $400" or screamed at by admins who consider all forms of killing someone minging?

Damn… I am too. A long ago I joined a community which promoted both Rp, Build and Fighting. And honestly it was the best fun I ever had. We were based on a Mercenary Group that got involved in conflicts. On our own server, we built simple helicopters to fly us to a drop zone, would get hit by a rocket, go down in flames and battle through a torrent of NPC’s while protecting a crate of nuclear weapons, OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT.

Everyday it was different, a new adventure, a new contraption, new weapons, new maps, new people, new plot development.
I would like to encourage people to try this kind of roleplay in a group, or with multiple groups (which could have diplomatic conflicts, wars, etc.). I would be very eager to try this kind of roleplay again.

Anyone want to do this with me? Or perhaps with a group of other people you already know?

Discuss your thoughts and ideas below. :eng101:

Build + Roleplay = LOLMINGERP

I’m asking for a community not an open server with no admins… Hell you can RP in Sandbox.

Lol no u cant

I’ll take that bet and raise you three shillings.

Any serious takers?

I would like to attempt this, I dont know if this will end up well, but it is worth a shot.

You can easily make RP Sandboxs… Hell some of the best RP I’ve seen came from me being an admin abuser, and forcing everyone to build houses, and roleplay or face crucifixion.

Done it several times with good friends of mine. Good times.

i was thinking about making a RP build server on Construct! idk if it would go but i was think bout it!


I’ve seen more minging on “Serious RP Servers” than on Snipe’s RP Build

Anyway, official thread is in Roleplaying if you’re interested

You can if you aren’t a darkrper, such as on half life 2 for some years ago, people roleplayed trough only having 2 jobs and a few props per player,
You can roleplay on everything that’s got a chat.

and people who says buildrp is mingy, peanut.