millitary hummer car (LUA) free money on RP server

basically I need a military hummer to look something like the one in military models: or something close to it
but I have a few requirements. NEEDs to be drivable and spawn able LUA no adv dupe

2.NEEDs to be drivable about as drivable as the jeep(steering,
speed{maby a little bit slower},suspension, etc)

  1. needs to be able to seat 5 people (1 driver 1 gunner 1 front seat 2 back seats

4.needs to have a usable turret on top(about as powerful as the airboat) needs to be able to take a certain amount of damage then explode. a reasonable amount of damage(1-3 rpg hits)

this is going to be made for my clans g-mod military RP server we currently have a mapper working on a costume RP map for us.

you can vist our clan’s page here:

my page here:

my steam name is:damn_seaguls (outsidethebox)

the only currency I can offer is free $$$ on the server and reserve slot
and 100% choice of jobs on the server (the server is going to be up in about 2-4 weeks)
also i might be able to work out some other sort of deal.

In game money is bad payment, almost as bad as the kids that offer admin to anyone that will make anything for them.


Ingame currency only works if you actually want to play the server, and the market isn’t inflated. GMod Tower is the best example of a working economy, because the admins never give people tons of cash.

They do, just those people are trustworthy.

Or they give them money, then they give them more money to not tell anyone that they gave them money.

well its the only thing I can offer i am not passing out admin to random people my clan has 200+ and only 14 admins and i wanna keep it that way.
so if any one could make it for the hell of it that would be nice but if you have other ideas I am all ears I just need some one to make it

Most people here work for money, some like me work for the fun

I work for fun too but I mean…idk offering in-game money or even admin just makes it seem like the owner isn’t that interested or all on board with it, I’d rather be offered money and turn it down then be offered in-game money :downsgun:. Then again maybe thats just because I’m an asshole.

But on topic, OP if you would want there to be moving wheels you would need to get a model where the wheels are separate from the vehicle body…unless theres some sort of sorcery one of the better coders can preform.

(Lua wizard?..literally…)

The model needs to be rigged as a vehicle or be in seperate parts.
For best results, have it vehicle rigged with the correct driver bone and wheel flexes, and seperate models for the turret enclosure and actual turret. (3 models) Then most of the work can be handled by the built in prop_vehicle_jeep entity.
If you can get that done, your request will go from impossible to rather complex, which is an improvement I guess.

Personally I’d find it simpler to just make the wheels separate props then connect them for the actual script and just use a jeep seat :Dawkins102: Basically the way sakarias did for his helicopter but applied to a car.

Then you end up with a cheap version of his SCars, which lag and drive like shit.

Oh yeah I forgot thats what he did with SCars lol.

how much $$$ would be considered reasonable to do this?