Milo's Spacebuild server

My SB3 Server has fastDL which makes downloading maps and server content much faster :smiley:
Our server is hosted by
Check them out for low prices and super good qualiity.

The server is hosted in Germany and is placed into the finest, fastest fiber nettwork you can think of and will provide super low ping for all players.

IP Adress:

Gamemode: SB3/SpaceBuild 3
Slots: 30
[/li] [li]gm_spacefun_v3.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_astria_beta01.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_Forlorn_sb3_R2L.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_gooniverse.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_new_worlds_2.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_starcombat.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_twinsuns_fixed.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_voyages.bsp
[/li] [li]sb_wuwgalaxy_fix.bsp
[/li] [li]GM_Galactic_RC1.bsp
###//// TRACKER COMMING ////###

[li]SB3/LS3 Stuff - Link Here!
[li]SBEP - Link Here
[/li][li]Stargate - Link Here
[li]Stargate Weapons - Link Here
[li]SG Models - Link Here! (Not needed yet but maybe later.)
[li]Wire - Link Here!
[li]PHX - Link Here!
[li]Carter Pack - Link Here!
[li]Stargate GDO - Link Here!
[li]Stargate: Extras/Overloader - Link Here!
[li]Stargate: McKay Pack - Link Here!
[/li][li]SBMP - Link Here!
[li]More SVN links?
[/li]Check this out.

We also have a few small addons which will be downloaded automatically when you connect to the server

More Info:

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the server you can add me on steam ; My username is “kennis942” We look forward to seeing you on the server!
We always grant our players wishes and we are desperately looking for new admins and donators.
You can donate any ammount to our server by clicking: here
please contact me before or after you donate and i will grant you awsomeness on server as soon as possible.

Several stools have been restricted to players with more play time and experiance and donators.
We dont want any mingery do we ?

Currently we only have 1 Spacebuild server, and a regular build server (
**Whats special about us ?
We teach noobs LS3 and wiremod!
We teach anything in Gmod!
We have every addon other servers DONT have.
Visit our server rigth now to get a lession, we will be online!

Our Team:
Milo (Server Owner)
Admins / Superadmins

Donators wall of fame:
none as of yet :frowning:

milo as in “admin on nom nom nom” milo?

I obviusly dont get the refrance but my name IS my Name so get over it or stop complaining.
Anyways i would like to invite evryone for a opening part rrigth now!

So apart from the giant mod mountain is there anything that makes this special?

The only people on right now are your admins.

Ahm we are werry friendly and run events from time to time… i havent had any luck with players yet …:frowning:

Well done to the people who flame an innocent person who kindly shares his server to the rest of Facepunch. I applaud you (Hint the sarcasim).

As of a few hours ago we have become a LS3 / Spacebuild school for newbies or … anyone.

I am allowed to bump rigth ? thread is like a year old…

You should’ve just made another thread.

I love the thread layout.