Mind Blast TTT Server / Deathmatch

**Mind blast is 2 Week old Community Slowly getting more and more players as we grow

                                        We have forums at mindblast.org

                                       At mind Blast we Currently Have 2 servers**

                  [http://cache.www.gametracker.com/server_info/   random=839708](http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/
                                    **Terror Town V17
                             This Server is prize procession cause its hosted on a very Server
                               With Full server 20 no one Notices any Lagg At all.**

               **The ttt Server Is More stricter then Other server Eg Pubgamer Or versano etc
   We have a 0% tolerance on rdmers Which will most likely lead to ban if we have had enough with the player

But we Also are long Time ttt Players So we can pick where Killin the player was a right thing Even if thay turn out Innocent.
We only have one Custom Weapon which is the Suicide bomb Which is hardly Op
it has a 10 Sec charge period in this time you cannot change gun you Loose 80% of your damage And glow bright red and make a loud humming Noise.**

**Over to the deathmatch Server -
Garryware is currently running At the moment instead of deathmatch Due to the server being bugged

We also have CSS Gungame Server

Sounds interesting, good luck with this I suppose, but you really need to add more information to the thread. Please enter the full url to your site, most peopel can’t be arsed to copy & paste the link.

yeh thanks Its going pritty good considering its newly formed getting some nice regulars So yeh ill just keep up what im doing and we’ll see

I’m quite pleased with the server, lots of fun and never any lag.

yes its very good server Compared to the piece of shit we had before. Which is now running the deathmatch server

You should use the same host that you use for TTT for the death match server when you can…

The deathmatch server is being hosted by ServerFFS which advertises the server as being in Sydney, but the server is obviously in Singapore…

yeh i relise that but we have 7 weeks of time left at serverffs So we will wait till it ends and go from there depending how popular the gamemode is

You should get a refund, they advertised it as being in Sydney, but it’s obviously not. Since it couldn’t even handle TTT, a gamemode that comes with Garry’s Mod, their product doesn’t even work, Australian law is on your side, you are entitled to a full refund.

Even then tho if we did refund With taht money we couldnt afford one of the servers that are hosting the ttt. So i dont really see a point. my aswell keep it up for now. we are allso getting a minecraft server Soon if anyone is interested.

I’m satisfied with the server. It doesn’t lag and the community is pretty good. Thankfully, those who ruin the game have been gotten rid of. Overall, nice server.

Changed deathmatch To garryware Until we fix all the bugs

The server is located in Sydney, GeoIP is not accurate on server IPs.
Australian players get pings of less than < 20 ms.

LOL nice Dig mate.

Go away, we all know your servers are shit, even though you’re right, don’t bother trying to defend your self. I don’t know the story about different locations, but your Aus servers are awful…

Agree with CRAZY spray your servers are shit get over it.

bought my own dedi located in sydney EPIC