Mind Map of Ideas

I had some free time so I decided to put together a whole bunch of ideas into a mind map. It is a combination of both my ideas and others I liked which I found here on the forums. Please tell me what you think of them and I will be updating it regularly.


Here’s a mind map Garry himself made…


So yeah.

Water vehicles would be cool. I like the idea of a barge that could carry cars.

I’ve seen it, I have just compiled my ideas with other ones I like from people on the forums.
So yeah.

We need cars first. For-uh…research purposes.

Not a bad list! Another section that seems to have been neglected lately is the weather/survival parts.

Neglected is starting to seem more like forgotten these days.

Lol. Why are you making it sound sexual?

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They have so much stuff they want and need to add that sometimes they just need to get the basics in and add more to it at a later date.

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I have updated the mind map.


Thanks for putting this mindmap and linking Garry’s.

Many interesting ideas in here. I’m particularly fond of the false fundation trap and pressure plate (Garry’s), also waiting for horse breeding and horseback catching.

Please consider adding the following:

  • window/door to full wall conversion (when you change idea, because it can happen especially when several people work on the same building ^^),
  • stackable storages (either by putting shelves on walls, or just piled up drawers) because it’s a pain how you have to use stairs currently to optimize space,
  • ceiling door and inhouse ladders because it would be nice to make “caves” and “attics”. :slight_smile: