Mindblast - Deathminge

Hello facepunchers

This will look lame and boring for now till i update the thread.

The server im presenting is a Minge server.
Now dont go oh no its gonna be shit.
Your experience on the server varies from person to person.

The rules are very simple.

And are explained on the Ingame Motd.

The server is fairly new and is slowly getting more and more players.

The server has lots of addons such as.

Mad cows weapons.
realistic Css weapons.
Updated weekly Wire.
Wire extra’s
Adv dupe for all players
A working anti spam and prop protection.
Lots of Tools.
Weight tool.

The server is hosted on a powerful i7 Processor on its own core.
It hardly crashes due to spam.

15 Slots of pure minge bag awesomeness.


So instead of being full of mingebags and raging while denying it, you’re full of mingebags and openly welcoming them.

So you’re cutting out the middleman to your shit-status and just accepting shit.

Well at least all the mingebags will meet up there instead of other servers.

The whole point ^^^^^

And hardly cutting out the middle man since it was intended as a minge server since purchasing it.
Raging kids are funny So why not put 15 in one server and have them all cry XD

Yeahhhhh loads of minges on the server

so can I aimbot

yes you can aimbot.

Keep in mind it is a australian Server.

Mingebags won’t even get close to this server because it’s allowed to minge.

We are adding a ingame to shop to buy special perks.
You earn Credits by killing people.

Hopefully this can be implemented within the next few weeks.
Also special weapons and other goodies will be included.

I have been to the servers its alright. BTW why the fuck is justin beiber in the pic???

Chris i think its so that people get their own picture and don’t look like fags.
Also, bump.

I get what the idea is, it’s just that minges can’t have fun unless someone else isn’t as a result of it. That’s why this just can’t work.

i dont see how it couldnt.

People come onto minge.
You out minge them.
They cant do anything.
They get mad and rage quit.

Off to another sever, so they can minge it.

Server is back up after a router problem cripled a number of dedicated servers.

Also added the gib mod.

There is more than 15 minges in the whole GMOD community. Put a name like “Super Serious DarkRP! Only serious players join!1111one!!!”

ha ha. Ill keep that inmind.