Mine carts? (Not Minecraft's carts, unless you want to)

Or just wheels in general that are small enough to represent mine cart wheels.

Basically, what I’m asking for is simple. It’s basically getting the smaller phoenix storms wheels (the shorter, but still attached wheel piece) and turning it into an even shorter wheel so you can make a mine cart with it, or something.


If possible, though, can you guys make mine cart bodies and/or bogies?
Also, again, don’t make them single wheels. That’s very bad. Make them like a PHX wheel, where it has the pole attached with the other wheel on the other end. Also, ‘fake’ carts would be cool too I guess.

A ‘fake’ cart or train is where it already has the wheels attached, you just mess with them e.g. super ice.

TF2 content has some ‘fake’ carts.

Yeah but I mean carts and mine wheels generally for construction use. Those trains aren’t exactly…useful.

I’m attempting a construction roleplay game or something of the sorts map. I wanted to see if I could create a mine.

EP2 has carts, and I think some wheels.

Yeah, but there are no tracks for them, plus they are the type of props that wouldn’t work.

You could say the same about the bigger trains, but they’re…different…they can if you give yourself some patience with applying wheels to them.

It’s all about the collision model and physics too. But I’d like some proper GMod cart trains. I’d like to help out the 1ft gauge-fags too I guess. With the hopefully new wheels by Phoenix Storms (he applauded the idea, loved it) in the future they’ll be able to make a fucking decent train.