Mine Gamemode

Seriously, why haven’t someone thought of this before? Someone should really make a gamemode based the epic game Minecraft. Never play it before? http://minecraft.net/ There you go. Seriously, how awesome would it be to just dig yourself a cave and have a secret laboratory down in it?

There’s a very good reason: fully destructible maps don’t work well in Source.

But somebody could try to make all blocks as prop, and save their position somewhere, and show only the props wich player can see at time, and have some kind of a LOD thingy?

It could happen.

Wow! This game is awesome! Thanks for showing it to me :smiley:

But I do imagine this as an awesome gamemode. If only it were possible :stuck_out_tongue:

Max entity limit of source is 4096. Having a 64x64x64 block array requires 262144 entities. Go figure.

4096, but the theory is solid. You couldn’t do it if every block was an entity, and I’m not sure how else you’d do it.

Can props have hitboxes?

then make some less bigger maps, and make 128 instead of 64,

could work if we got a nice system, to make laders and such

The best way I can think would have the blocks not be actual source entities, and use a custom usermessage system to sync the blocks to the client. (So you don’t get buffer overflow…) You would then need a binary module to simulate the physics in both client and server - it would only need to simulate a static cube, I can’t imagine that would be too laggy. If done well, it could work out nicely.

Nice idea, I knew the game before but I haven’t tought about porting it gmod.
It would be easy doing this with entities but it’s just the limit which is a problem