Mine Turtles [My first SWEP!]

Hello All,

For the past 2 days, I have been working on a new SWEP! Mine Turtles! They are fully done!

From asdf movies, they were born. Actually, from a crazed scientist who apparently decided to mix a turtle with mines and explosives. (mine turtle song)

Models: CS:Source (not needed, these are hexed)
Sounds: asdf movie 5
SWEP throwing: worshipper

Launch mine turtles at your friends! Even foes! NPCs! Ragdolls! Other Mine Turtles! Primary attack tosses one into the world, step on it for it to explode. Aim at it with the crosshair and secondary fire for a laugh.

What is a Mine Turtle?

Mine Turtle Demo

Mine Turtle Demo 2


awesome. its released. (its Pyro turtle)

You could use Clavus’s swep construction kit to replace the grenade in your hand with an actual turtle. The kit isn’t fully complete yet but i think you can make it work.

here’s a link to a version tat works with gm13. It’s not perfect yet, but not bad at all. Be sure to read the early posts for instructions on how to use this.

Hmm. Interesting. Though it would be cool to use it as a v_model and w_model easier… this looks… in game only. Not through code. Well yeah, code, but the v_model is in-game applying.

If it were up 100 percent, I would use it all the time. Before gm13 rolled around, I had incorporated the base code in my SWEP Base.

That’s a pretty nice first swep. Nice job on it.

Thank you. I’ll update it today so you know who’s mine turtle kills you. Anything else, just let me know, and I’ll think about it.

for people who dont know what a mine turtle is.

I see what you did there. I shall add this to the first post!

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Well, can someone tell me how to do kill icons? I’d rather do that.

Updated the first post. Added another demo video (gameplay) and the workshop addon is also updated with custom view and world models from the Construction SWEP made by Clavus!

Im glad to see you took my advice with the construction kit :slight_smile: Good job.


I can see this in my near update for TTT


It should say hello when you step on it, and then explode. Other than that, this seems like a fun little SWEP.

You were in the WAYWO thread right?

What? Anyway, I love feedback. Keep it coming!

@Jocken, it kind of gets repetitive if you do that, but I’ll think about it.

What Are You Working On Thread.

Oh. Yes I was.

More repetitive than a turtle simply exploding when you step on it?

Your choice, just figured that since you’re calling it the mine turtle SWEP and directly basing it on the mine turtle from ASDF, then you might wanna make it behave like the mine turtle. Up to you.