Minebag Punisher

There are quite a lot minebags around these days, and i wondered if a anti-minge SWEP could be made. So, adv. dupe anti-minge stuff fills quite a lot, and a SWEP would be perfect. Make it admin only.

Why a swep, we could pull up creativity and make something even better than a swep with wiremod (expression2), any suggestions?

A swep that uses the toolgun skin and is like the remover tool only it deletes players permanantly until the relog into the server.

Assmod gun? It can do everything from permaban to setting them on fire. Perfect for killing “minebags”.

How about kicking them

Maybe that’s too hard for some dudes :smiley:
Just ban trolling minebags, problem solved :slight_smile:

Maybe someone should make one of these because they have obviously never been made before.

Because admins can’t be minges.


And Expresion2 (E2)

There are alot of Mingy E2 that cause pain to people. Try using some of these E2’s againt the minge to make them leave (or cry)

maybe you could give my new swep a try?
instead of kicking them, just disarm them or play with them like a toy

Yeah thats what i do, i strip them then ragdoll then make poses with them and the opposite gender ragdoll.

I would help, but what is this ‘MINEBAG’ you speak of?

lol rly, Just get the blue dumpdter prop, weld a large flat prop to seal it, put anti-noclip on both, and right click nocllide on the ‘lid’. drop it on them, then quickly right click the lid again. (It has to be nig enough to still be seen when upside down.) Making the lid solid. Make sure the anti-noclipd are set to strip and walk/bounce, most minges dont know how to ~, kill. Do that, or put up a auto turret searching for them.

Once there was this stupid guy trying to make a bridge in construct so i made a 10x better bridge but his was in the way and it was lagging the server because there were 2 bridges so people said to delete his and he wouldn’t so i built an auto vector turret and it was awesome!!! It killed him soo fast and i put it right next to spawn.

Your avatar is awesome.

I’m not even gonna tell you whats wrong with that.