Minecraft Curbs P2P Servers - Should Garry's Mod Follow?

Its no secret that Garry’s Mod is littered with P2P servers were VIP & Donator status not only “Fund” the server but fill the pockets of their owners who in most cases would never get a loan never mind our hard earned cash.

Would it be good to see such rules imposed over the world of Garry’s Mod.

Garry has already said something about this, actually.:

Ye I read that to and in general Garry always says you should be credited for your hard work which is so true. The only issue is everyone’s hard work gets drowned in everyone else’s cheap shit throw together’s and then the only people getting the money are those who are doing the least work.

Videos are one thing but I fail to see many servers that are worth the amount they charge nor give them impression they are trustworthy or reliable.

Minecrafts certainly in a different league of the P2P situation though.

The worst case I’ve seen in gmod is servers selling custom classes/perma guns etc, making 100-500$ from a single player.
Minecraft however I could easily expect some of the larger/older server groups to have earned a literal 7digits USD over the years. I know you probably think that’s insane, but there are garrysmod communities that make 100k USD a year.
I know of 1 GTA themed communitythat’s netted $87k in the 3 month it’s been online, $22k of that in the first 6 days of June, and that is not the biggest out there by far.

Notch has to set boundaries, when other people start making millions out of your work you need to jump in.

Notch’s public explanation was “We get a LOT of support errands from parents of kids that bought items for hundreds of dollars, wanting their money back”.

There is no liability on 99% of these servers with the exception of paypal which is more popular in gmod then minecraft. People use the term “donation” thinking they exempt themselves from any.

Its fucked up and out of control on a scale we probably can’t even imagine and it screws up the game and we end up top heavy like now.

Yeah and non-tech savvy parents believe that Mojang supports the purchases and when Mojang tells them they cant get a refund, it makes the brand look bad. I gave up on Minecraft multiplayer a long time ago

Who are these communities?

Alright, here we go, my 2cents.

If your kids are using your credit cards/PayPal info without your consent, either because they’re a cunt or because you didn’t raise them right, and you blame the server owners/gamemakers = You’re a Cunt.™

I am a community owner who runs a few servers within Garry’s mod and if anything like this would be implanted to Garry’s Mod it would mean good bye to my community and many others.
Im not going to lie I run servers purely for the money it started for the enjoyment but that changed as the years passed and I got tired of the game, the fact I made 50k last year from Garry’s mod solely is the only reason I still host servers, and I know for a fact many servers that make more then me and would follow me out the door if we were not allowed to make profit.

Glad to see Garry allowing us to keep going and keeping his community afloat.

This has actually happened a few times on my server and I was happy enough to ban there kid and refund there money and explain to the parent what there son/daughter has done, always got a kick out of it.

50 freaking thousands, wow. So how do your system work? Do you guys have your on little currency? Or Do you charge much for vip/special ranks?

I know some communities earn much more. I just can’t get that people spend so much on a game.

The worse part of this is that I ran Casual Bananas and buying bananas was completely voluntary. People could play to earn everything, even VIP was earnable (and permanent). All they had to do is be an active player, be good at the gamemode they like and they could easily save for all the models they wanted (or hats, who cares). The thing that amazed me is that we had a peak of $3.600 in one month. For buying bananas, something that isn’t required, as you can get them for free.

One guy did the most though, he donated $1.337…

In your case however you were buying the bananas so essentially buy vouchers and as I recall you were doing things through the correct channels.

Buying and Donating are two different things. I don’t agree fully with both however when people claim your making a donation you expect that any profits go back into further funding and that clearly just doesn’t happen these days.

Then again, if people just make it near impossible or extremely hard to get then they’re gonna buy it.

It’s like iOS apps saying Get 6000000000 more people on CandyCrush and you can continue… Or pay a dollar.

How much did you pay in taxes?

For my community, I ended paying like ~$7000.

It wasn’t like that at all. It was not hard to earn the model you want. Play for a week and you’d have earned your model. I don’t see how that is any bad, as making them able to earn it in a day would just be overkill and we’d have everyone walking around with every model after 10 days.

omfg it’s a actually a common for thing for “communities” to make that much money??

That’s actually insane and kinda seems unfair to all the people making the free stuff that those servers make use of.

We made everything ourself, apart from HL2RP which we bought.

[del]Casual Bananas is the only example I can think off which was, as I recall, I registered company that probably paid tax and advertised everything as a purchase not a donation.[/del] The only qualm I can have is the fact it’s now not here and therefore for all these people that had paid anything regardless off it been optional have lost out whereas you have gained.

So does ThatDarkRPServer