Minecraft death system

You know, when you kill a zombie or something and it falls on it’s side and bursts into smoke, that would be really awesome if that was an Addon

Yeah, it really would.

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You want this done?

Yeah that would be awesome.

Is this what you’re talking about?

Mad by asisel:

No, the mob falls on its side and bursts into dust. I thought everyone has played minecraft…

Wouldn’t that be done when you kill an NPC (Zombie for example) it’s ragdoll after death is frozen like a statue and after it falls down to the ground is slowly fades away with a puff of smoke indicating where they died, ofcourse if it were Minecraft styled then using the smoke sprites would be the best thing to use.

For the ragdoll, it would have to be statuing, I couldn’t see death animations being used.

particle system for the dust effect.
Play the particles when the NPC is killed and make a slight timer to remove the ragdoll and play the particles O.o

Except I don’t think there is a function to get the ragdoll of a dead NPC.

No remove command or anything?

Erm why not make a custom NPC entity then on death you make a timer and do


Not 100% if that would work though

I have to go back and read through some custom SNPC’s I made…

Use hooks and make your own

You can make it so that OnNPCKilled it creates a custom ragdoll and does that, I might attempt this.

I think its called C_ClientRagdoll