Minecraft Gamemode Scripter Needed

Hey guys, i’m beginning a gamemode, which is based on Minecraft.
I already converted all the sounds, I just need to have a map system.
I know how to map very well, but the system that it creates a random map will be hard.
Further, I can model quite well too, and I can model the NPC’s, and weapons I guess. Would be pretty much work, but it’s possible.
I just need a lua’er for all the things left, like a inventory, the items, all that kind of stuff. For more info about Minecraft go to www.minecraft.com
and if you want to help me Lua/Model/Map/Do anything good
Add “stany10” to Steam. Would be nice if you can help me out.

I can model

I like this idea, but theres gunna have to be one hell of an algorithm to manage 1000^3 blocks and keep source happy. Perhaps with queryphys this is possible. I can do an inventory, crafting menus, weapons, and other things, but I’d like to see if the whole block environment thing is possible before I get started.

This is already being worked on by Overv and there is an another similar gamemode released by thomasfn.

Does he have his progress posted anywhere? I’d like to at least make mobs.

Hmm, okay. Well, see what you can do… I just need an idea for the random-level-create system…

Please keep in mind the entity limit:

With this limit of 2048 dynamic entities, maps would be very small.

If you want a regular sized minecraft map 256x256x256 (Height x Width x Depth). (This is measured as in ever cube spawned possible in one map, up to roof. 100% filled.)
That would generate 16,777,216 dynamic entities that the server would need to keep checking.
Way overkill. Unless there is a compression algorithm for these map ‘CUBES’ then I really can’t see minecraft in GMOD.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

If you’re gonna make this you’re gonna have to think out of the box and not use entities.

I don’t know if that is even possible. Sprites and other methods of visual map data are limited below 4096.

How about emulating entities? Assigning certain coordinates to each virtual entity and then drawing them yourself using CAM?

Yeah, like what I mentioned with queryphys

Ya I also thought about this too. Arrays/Tables can hold immense amounts of data, but when it comes to drawing it yourself, the FPS shoots straight down depending on what your using to draw ( 2D3Dcam ).