Minecraft gm_construct

I’ve been working on this for a while and would love any input!

RELEASE VIDEO! Download link in video description:

The white room should be made of the iron block instead of the wool

I realized this about 1/2 way through making it and refused to change it.

I thought I was looking at an actual bsp map for Gmod when I started watching, I became thoroughly confused when I saw the Minecraft hud until I realized this was actually Minecraft. Great job on this.

Nice :slight_smile:

Im trying to build a minecraft map to BSP converter. There is just one problem… The lights are f****d :frowning:
But converting works okay :slight_smile:

Shameless bump - but anyone have any other suggestions besides the obvious “THE LAKE IS FUCKED UP”

Use world edit to make the map higher and then fix the lake

Port your map to gmod when it’s done.

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First skyscraper done!

Looks nice!

My hand hurts.

wow will this be up to downlaod once finished?

It must when you bring and build in thousands of those heavy bricks. :v:

Yes it will be.

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Also - video update. Sorry for the annoying noise. My current mic setup is less than ideal…

Do you have the “secret” room under the staircase done?

The Dev room? Nah, no point.

The “secret” room.

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But we like it D:

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I can make you a better flat map.

Release video and download link incoming shortly!

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Download link in the video!

well good luck with the doorways, i’d like to see what you’ll make of the next map