Minecraft-like terrain mod

I know there’s shit all of a chance that anyone will actually make this, but fuck it, I’ll request it anyways.

I want a mod that uses a custom map where you can pick up and place blocks, much like minecraft, but have the ability to build things like classic Garry’s Mod. The “blocks” would be simple brush entities, and in addition to placing blocks you’d be able to craft new types of blocks. For instance, you could craft inclines (which would be included on the randomly generated map), slanted blocks that make the terrain more smooth for vehicles. You could also place blocks to build a fort, with no props required, and no one would be able to break in with prop pushing (maybe make props that are no collide all still collide with the blocks somehow?)

The map would essentially be randomly generated (like Minecraft) and be fairly large. I don’t know if the source engine can handle many entities but they’re just brush entities so they shouldn’t need a whole lot of memory to keep track of.


Here’s something that should get you started. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1051227

The links 404 and the topic hasn’t been posted in since july.

PM the creator, or search the rest of the thread for a repost of it.