Minecraft ragdoll request

Can someone make me a minecraft ragdoll for Garry’s Mod. I am having trouble doing it.
these are the textures i want on it.

Sure let me just use these pictures you took, because that will work.

While I’m at it, let me create some other models using my hands and using pictures I drew in my head for textures.

well im so fucking sorry i didnt know what you needed i thought you can get a minecraft model and make this texture.

Wow don’t get so prissy miss attitude. I guess I should stop working on it.

Joe, there’s really no call to be so hostile and sarcastic.
It’s a pixelated 32x64 texture, not a 512x1024. It would be extremely easy to replicate from a few screenshots.
And for the record, there are a shitload of Minecraft models on Garrysmod.org.

You can just pick up the zombie ragdoll and do a reskin of it yourself, imortalkillr.


just sayind because I don’t know of anyone who uses random pictures for textures. Am i supposed to replicate the textures through the images?

And I’m sorry for being naturally hostile

What I mean is that you can just reconstruct the texture the same way you’d make a new skin for anything in Minecraft: a 1 px brush :v:

I was saying that he could of just posted the textures instead of the images, it would be easier to just resize and place over an already made mob and hex it rather than spend my time replicating the pixels on the images.

well thats the problem i was having i cant re skin my Minecraft model for some reason

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and srry for being like that, i was pissed at that time

well if you can get can just paste pictures of the actual textures themselves then i can reskin the original mob and hex it for you


Yes, I can work on it maybe later I would say tomorrow but I don’t sleep anyway so I can have it done by three in the morning or whatever I base all time around where i live

okty so much i was getting mad at this, i was trying to do it with source sdk hammer editor

That’s for making maps

wait how would i get the download

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o wow ok i thought you make all typed of stuff on hammer

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No, Hammer is just for mapping.

I would give it you through a download link

Thank you

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Oh and does andone know of a reskinning program i could use thats free

Paint.NET and GIMP seem to be the very commonly used free programs for editing textures. Some people would include Photoshop, but that’s only if you go through unsavory methods to do so (don’t ask what I mean by that if you don’t get it, I’d rather not risk getting banned for giving information about something I don’t support).

Technically, the 30-Day trial of Photoshop is free, if Paint.NET and GIMP don’t suit your needs (although for a simple reskin like this, they would work fine).