Minecraft Rust?

If someone-- me-- we’re to make a minecraft version of rust who would play?

sound fun

I would! It would satisfy my need until I can get a key!

Btw make it for 1.6 pls.

same here

If 20 people say yes, then I will get started on it.

there 2

Before I even say yes, let me ask, What do you plan on doing? I mean, Other than the guns and searching towns for random supplies the game isn’t that different from minecraft currently… Will you be making some kind of gun plug-in?

Perhaps make zombies drop loot bags, random piles of wood, random shelters… Make it SMP. :smiley: Sorry, eager :<

Guns, bombs, a massive wasteland deprived o resources, littered with hungry zombies. Lootable chests randomly spawning.

I hope that I can meet someone that is good with textures, that way we can make different good looking guns.

Retexture/rename items so that its all login and play

Well, If you can get all this done, I’ll give you a yes.

Sounds pretty cool. As long as its done well and professionally that would be amazing if someone recreated the exact Rust map. Now THAT would be awesome.

I will do it, If you need staff for the sever, I have experience

I would try it out.



So… MineZ?

Yeah, I would be happy to spend a few full days remaking the whole rust map in minecraft. Hills, Factories, everything. Send me a message if you decide to go through with this.


I was just thinking about this what if it was like wasted except you can build and have free rain on a server! Like you could have a built in texture pack.

That is the dumbest idea ever.