Minecraft TTT sourcecraft problems

i made a map in minecraft and then i tried porting it over through sourcecraft but apparently there are too many blocks so it changes the region can anyone help me change that or easyily fill in the caves on the map that arent being used so i can use the full regions of the map i can upload the map if you need me to or the sourcraft file if you want because i dont think you can find sourcecraft anymore the map is here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByRog9C1mk8hcnJsSnhzb0wtM2M&usp=sharing

Just use MCEdit to cut off the map to the regions you need.

i dont really know how to do maps for minecraft or gmod this is my first time making one so i dont know how to do that

Google it and look up tutorials. It’s much easier than doing it in Hammer

ok i tried filling up alot of it but it still wont convert it acutally decreased the space like wtf is this i hate this i spent hours making the map for this isnt there another way that actually works?

Don’t fill it up; that adds MORE chunks. Trim down the chunks; delete all of the world except the region you need.

oh… that would’ve helped

EDIT: i will try again and remove all but what i need when i get home

i have removed alot it didnt help should i try to gut the inside of the mountain however tedious that shall be